Depth Series #3: Getting started with the Braintree Sandbox

Get started with Braintree using create-react-app and Express.js

Originally Published: October 5th 2018

I’ve been looking for alternatives to Stripe more for comparisons sake to see what would be easiest to implement and more relevant to what I am trying to achieve en masse down the road.


If you are following along, you should sign up for a Sandbox account.

Building the Express server

mkdir server
cd server
yarn init -y
yarn add express body-parser morgan cors dotenv braintree
mkdir routes
touch server.js .env .gitignore routes/index.js


For the sake of doing things right, let’s just quickly update our file to ignore node_modules and the .env file.



To set up the main server, update the server.js file to look like so:


Let’s now update our routes/index.js to take setup the gateway and setup three routes — one for a simple ping test, another for fetching a client token and a third for making a payment:

Building the React frontend

create-react-app clientside
cd clientside
yarn add braintree-web braintree-web-drop-in-react axios

Updating the app

Go to our App.js file and clean it out. Replace the file with the following:

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Making the payment

The following comes directly from the Node.js quickstart for Braintree.

Card number: 4111 1111 1111 1111
Expiry: 09/20
CVV: 400
Postal Code: 40000
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The server terminal

If we checkout the server terminal, we should be able to see how events went down thanks to Morgan doing our logging:

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If we now go back to our Sandbox dashboard, we can now see the successful transaction has been recorded!

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Next steps

What’s next? Something I like about Braintree is UI extensibility. Although we used a frontend package on this occasion, try building out your own UI for taking payments!

Senior Engineer @ Culture Amp. Tinkerer and professional self-isolator in 2020.

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