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  1. Familiarity with Pipenv. See here for my post on Pipenv.
  2. Familiarity with JupyterLab. See here for my post on JupyterLab.

Getting started

Let’s create the hello-python-exceptions directory and install Pillow.

Creating the notebook

Once on http://localhost:8888/lab, select to create a new Python 3 notebook from the launcher.

  1. A demonstration on how try/except works.
  2. Looking at raising an error from a function.
  3. Creating and using custom errors.


We can use the try/except statement to handle errors. You raise an Exception whenever you want to throw an error from a code block.

Raising an error from a function

Defining a function that raises an error will traverse up the code block to the top level.

Creating and using custom errors

We can create custom errors simply by defining a class that extends Exception.


Today’s post demonstrated how to create custom errors by extending Exception and demonstrating how errors are raised in a simple manner.

Resources and further reading

  1. The ABCs of Pipenv
  2. Hello, JupyterLab
  3. Pipenv
  4. Python Exceptions — An Introduction
  5. User Defined Exceptions in Python




Senior Engineer @ UsabilityHub. Formerly Culture Amp.

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Dennis O'Keeffe

Dennis O'Keeffe

Senior Engineer @ UsabilityHub. Formerly Culture Amp.

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